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Yin and yang. Kelly is happiest in that space between her organized, check-it-off brain and creative storyteller heart. Finding real people’s stories and discovering compelling ways to craft them is her passion. From everyday topics to the most intimate and heartfelt, it all takes that human connection to create space for the conversation to flow. And that’s where Kelly finds inspiration.


Kelly has been writing and producing for 20 years. And while her favorite professional endeavor is conducting interviews, she definitely wasn’t born an “I’ll talk to anyone and do anything” type person. Ask her why she’s wearing lipstick in all her childhood portraits and you’ll quickly learn she was deathly shy and the lipstick was a bribe from mom to get her picture taken. Luckily, she learned lipstick wasn’t the only way to be bold and now she’s a surprisingly well-balanced human.


Kelly's experience includes writing, producing and directing award-winning projects for both the agency and production side. She loves the variety of chatting with a farmer on a blazing hot, Alabama cotton field one day, to interviewing Fortune 500 executives in a corporate boardroom the next, because we’re all just humans with a story to tell. 


When Kelly’s not busy making heartfelt connections she’ll most likely be in the yin and yang of deciding between an icy cold beer or a steamy hot yoga class. But most likely she’ll do both - yoga followed by beer, don’t worry! After all, with a business called “Cheese” you can’t get too serious! 


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